We design and build world-class digital products and the infrastructure that supports them.


We are software engineers for hire..intro
We kill it at:
  • Native iOS and Android
  • Django
  • Rails
  • Javascript
  • Clojure
  • Bash
  • C
You name it, we crank on it. We've seen a lot crazy stuff in our careers. We can confidently dive into just about any technical problem, big or small, and make meaningful progress in short order.
I have been very impressed by Survant James' level of professionalism, and I have enjoyed the collaboration process.
Adrian Kropp.name Manager of GIS and Application Services, Information Technology, City and County of Broomfield.title.quote


We want to work with rad people who want to work with rad people.
Quality of life and meaningful relationships with others are tremendously important to each of us. To that end, we:
  • Do right by our clients, then
  • Get paid, and
  • Go outside
  • Be active
  • Get weird
It went very smoothly. I pretty much just had to give yes or no answers and Survant James took care of the rest..quote-content
Matt Kinshella.name Communications Director, Neighborhood Partnerships.title.quote


Leveraging our tremendous breadth and depth of experience, we take a critical approach that ensures our clients realize as much value as possible.

We want you to succeed. We’ve worked on a lot of software projects, and find that success is primarily driven by three factors:

Communication — It’s critical that everyone is on the same page about what a project’s goals are, and how and when the team will achieve them. In the world of software, those goals, tactics, and timelines can and do shift during the course of a project. With attention to your particular communication style, we facilitate optimal decision-making by providing clear, accurate information in the context of your high-level goals.

Trust — We do our best work when we are granted a high degree of autonomy—which is predicated on a high degree of trust. At the outset of an engagement, we create a shared understanding around budget, success factors, and technical options, and quickly demonstrate our competence and ability to execute at a high level. As the engagement continues, we maintain that shared understanding and continually demonstrate our ability to deliver value.

Stewardship — As engineers, we are invested in the quality of the products for which we are responsible. Whether we are taking over responsibility of an existing project or creating a new one from scratch, “campsite rules" are in effect: we leave systems in better condition than we found them. We believe that product decisions should be informed by the engineering situation on the ground, and are adept at finding solutions that are both technically expedient and aligned with product goals.

Survant James was the only dev shop that was willing to simply put coders on our team in the interest of getting to our project goals in a short time frame.
Matthew Polzin Lead mobile developer, Vadio

Why us

We are battle-hardened soldiers of fortune.

No one here is a stranger to jeep seat or trench foot.

  • We are insanely good at what we do
  • We anticipate and avoid landmines and pitfalls
  • We are frank, weird, playful, and self-aware

If you’re looking for a well-gelled, efficient squad of muscle to achieve tactical goals, we are your team.

Send us an email describing your needs and we'll be happy to meet up or get on the phone, learn a bit more about you and your project, and put together an estimate.

Union Station
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Portland, OR, 97209

Monday : 10am–4pm
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Wednesday : 10am–4pm
Thursday : 10am–4pm
Friday : closed