Your friendly neighborhood software visionaries.


We offer engineering and consulting services to discerning clients who demand outsized value.
  • We are insanely good at what we do
  • We anticipate and avoid landmines and pitfalls
  • We are frank, weird, playful, and self-aware
Survant James honed in on the most important targets and addressed them..quote-content
Karie Deputy Director - Operations, Neighborhood Partnerships.title.quote


No smoke, no mirrors. .intro
We don't sell rosy visions or bake pies in the sky. We know that buying custom software can be fraught with peril. When discussing, planning, and managing your project, we will be direct, honest, and grounded.
  • We value collaboration, automation, and process
  • We cultivate trust, transparency, and autonomy
  • We set intelligent goals, realistic expectations, and a sustainable pace
Please direct all inquiries to: yes c/o
I have been very impressed by Survant James' level of professionalism, and I have enjoyed the collaboration process.
Adrian Manager of GIS and Application Services, Information Technology, City and County of Broomfield.title.quote


Here are a few recent projects.
  • PDX BIKE CAL — Portland bike event calendar, data by
  • Calagator — Portland tech event calendar, data from
  • T:BA:16 — Event calendar for PICA’s annual Time-Based Art festival.
  • E-Commerce — If you want to sell on mobile, talk to us.
  • Consulting — The list of other people’s software we’ve worked on is a mile long, inquire if you're curious.
It went very smoothly. I pretty much just had to give yes or no answers and Survant James took care of the rest..quote-content
Matt Communications Director, Neighborhood Partnerships.title.quote


Now enlisting grunts.

We are accepting applicants to our full-time, immersive engineering bootcamp. This is five weeks of intensive, real-world engineering training during which you will carry a 40lb rucksack up the steep and thorny path of software development. You’ll be cold, wet, exhausted—pushed to the breaking point—and better for it.

Topic include:

  • How to recognize and accept that nothing is new under the sun
  • Why no language, framework, or database is special
  • How to wield the hand cannon that is object oriented programming despite its strong strong tendency to point at your foot
  • Using state machines and automated tests to know for certain what will happen
  • Why only rigorous, disciplined use of source control can save us
  • …and many more cynical aphorisms distilled from the practice of suffering that will keep you alert, alive, and effective when shells are exploding all around you.

1455 NW Irving St, 2nd Floor
Portland, OR, 97210

Monday : 10am–4pm
Tuesday : 10am–4pm
Wednesday : 10am–4pm
Thursday : 10am–4pm
Friday : closed